Each invite sent to a candidate will have an expiry limit. By default, the expiry period is 3 days, but it can vary based on the configuration. An assessment/connect session should be attempted by the candidate before the set due date. After the due date, the link will be expired and the candidate will not be able to access the same.  

The candidates can also request an extension due to their non-availability or any other issues. When a candidate requests an extension, you will be notified via an email. 


If two candidates are selected such that one candidate’s invite has expired and the other one’s invite is yet to expire, extending the invite by 3 days will result as follows: 

  • Expired invite: The invite link will be accessible for 3 days from the current day of extending the invite. 

  • Yet to expire invite: The invite link will be accessible for 3 more days in addition to the earlier expiry period.

To extend the validity for a particular candidate:

  • Go to the Invited list of the assessment/connect session.
  • Select the candidate for whom the link validity should be extended.
  • Click on Extend Invite.

  • Enter the duration for which the link should be valid in the text box - the duration will be counted from the date when the extension was sent.
  • Click on Done to extend the Due date. An email notification of the extension will be sent to the candidate.