When test links are sent out to candidates, it is important to set the link validity duration as the test link should be active only for a certain set duration. To set the validity of an invite.

  • Click on the Gear icon "Manual" on the assessment 
  • Go to Invite Options

Test access - In this setting, we have the following options:

  • Invite expiry - If you want the test link to expire after a set number of days, select this option and enter the number in the text box. The expiry date will be counted from the date of sending the invite. 
  • Set start and end date - Set a window within which the test will start and end. The test will work only for this duration. The test will not start before the start date and will not be accessible after the end date. Pick the start and end date along with the time.
  • Send reminder email - Check this box to send reminders to the invited candidates a set number of days before the test expires. Enter the number in the text box provided.
  • Send calendar invite - Check this box to send a calendar invite to the candidate and to help them plan accordingly.