You can start inviting candidates for assessments either via Email or Sharing URL based Invite.

Invite Via Email:

  • Go to the Assessments section.
  • Click on Invite More to start inviting candidates to take the test, you can come back here each time to add new candidates to the same test.

1. Add Manually

  • Enter the candidate Name and Email id and click on Add.
  • Make sure that the validity date is set as per your choice and click on Invite Selected.

  • Choose the right template from the drop-down and send personalized invites to candidates.
  • Click on Send Invites.

2. Upload CSV

  • For bulk invites, download the CSV template and update the candidates’ details in the CSV in the specified format and parse the CSV to add all the candidates at once.

Note: Glider does a duplicate check, candidates with the same Email Id cannot be invited to take the same test again. Added candidates can be deleted by selecting the candidate and hitting delete on the left corner.

Invite Via Sharing URL :

On the Assessment dashboard click on Settings gear of the assessment  as shown in image below. 

On the 'Invite Options' Page select the type of URL based invite as per requirement.

  • Public invite URL : By copying the Public URL link , you can copy and share a link on job boards, making the one way video interview accessible to any candidate who has the link. 
  • Private Invite URL : Share the URL with candidates for them to input their information and take the video interview using the password you've set, ensuring a secure process.
  • Create anonymous invite: Create a distinct URL tailored for an individual candidate.