Glider’s Assessment Library contains a collection of ready-to-use assessments that you can choose from. The library has assessments on various technical and non-technical skills. To access the library: 

  • Click on Assessments on the top left and select Assessment Library from the drop-down.

  • Search for assessments of your choice by skills or keywords.
  • Use the Filter & Sort option to refine the search, look for the most recent assessment by choosing the Recency option or search by the popularity or name. 
  • Use Domain to differentiate between tech and non-tech assessments.
  • Search for assessments having particular question types like coding, multiple choice and more under the Assessment Type.
  • Search for assessments with tech questions on a specific language by using the Language filter.
  • To access assessments created by Glider that are available based on your account plan select Glider under Owned by on the left pane.
  • Assessments created by you, assessments shared by your team members and custom assessments created by Glider exclusively for your organization will be available under My Organization.
  • Once you find the assessment that you are looking for, click on the assessment name to review the questions. Click on Add to Active Assessments to add the assessment to the dashboard and invite candidates to the same. You can also customize the assessment by clicking on Customize to configure and invite candidates for the assessment.

Note: You can customize the assessments in the library by clicking on Add/Remove questions in the Questions page. In the Questions tab, click on icon to delete any question or click on to add questions from the Library or click on to create your own questions