In some cases a candidate may have accidentally submitted an assessment before it was complete or faced a technical issue while attempting the assessment. In such a situation, you can re-invite the candidate to take the assessment again. 

  • Go to the Evaluated or Submitted list in the assessment.
  • Select the candidate  and click on Reinvite.


The recruiter will have two options to reinvite:

  • Reset the attempt - Here the candidate will have to take the assessment afresh, the previous attempt will be deleted and only the latest attempt will be made available on the glider.
  • Continue attempt where left off - You can allot additional minutes to the candidate's attempt, wherein his previous attempt will be saved and the candidate will have to complete the test within the allotted/extended time.

  • Once you have selected the option, you can set the timeline wherein the candidate must take the assessment and click on Reinvite.
  • The candidate will be moved to the Invited list from the Submitted or Evaluated list after the re-invite email is sent.

Please note:

You can reinvite the candidates irrespective of them being qualified or disqualified post the submission.
To reinvite the disqualified candidates, you will have to undo candidates i.e. undo the disqualification prior reinviting