Once the candidate has taken the connect session, you can view the candidate's report by clicking on the Submitted or Evaluated tab:

  • You can see the details of all the candidate who has completed the connect session, along with other details like their email id, when the session was completed, time taken to complete the session, recruiter who has invited the candidate, score and option to directly shortlist or disqualify.
  • You can also download the pdf version of the candidate report by clicking on "Download Report PDF"
  • To download the data of all the candidates associated with the connect in an excel sheet, you can click on "Download Report" on the top right corner of the screen.

Click on "View Report" to see the final report of the candidate.

  • Skill Report - During the session, the candidates are asked to rate themselves on the skills that you are looking for in the candidate. Once the session is completed, the skill report will give a comparison of the candidate's assessment of their skill with their performance in the screening session.
  • Questions - You can see all the questions asked to the candidate and their response to it. You can also see the marks allotted to the candidate on the right end of each question.
  • Resume - If you have uploaded the resume of the candidate, you can find it under the "Resume" tab. It can also be uploaded at a later stage after the session is completed.
  • Download - You can download the pdf version of the report by clicking on the "Download" option given on the mid-right end of the screen.
  • Share URL -The Share URL feature allows you to easily distribute a candidate report to an external reviewer who doesn't have Glider access by copying and sharing a link. Note: personal candidate details are concealed from external reviewer to maintain confidentiality during the review process.