Once you have filled the "Summary" of the connect, as shown in the previous article. It is required to Configure the session as well.

1. Basic Settings: 


  • Sharing options - The session can be kept private so as no one can tamper with the configuration. It can also be shared with the whole organization or with specific team members.
  • Social Authentication: Candidate is asked to sign in with social media accounts to authenticate the identity during the session.
  • Send Notifications to - You can choose the people who should get notifications related to this connect. If you choose the first option - "Send all notification to inviter", only the recruiter who has invited the candidate for the session will receive the notifications. You can also choose the second option - "Send notifications with other team members" if you wish others should also get the notifications related to the connect session.
  • Company Branding - Enable this option if you wish to showcase or brand your company and the images/ videos uploaded will be shown to the candidate before the connect session starts.
    Note that, only the glider admin accounts have the access to upload/manage the company's images/videos.

2. Skill based settings:

Note: Adding skills is optional in connect session.

  • Auto pick questions from the bank - You can choose the first option to choose the total number of questions you wish to ask the candidate and the bot will prioritize the skills, divide the questions equally and ask the same to the candidate OR you can choose the second option to explicitly specify the number of questions of each skill that you wish to be asked to the candidate.
  • Cutoff score - You can set up a cutoff score and any candidate scoring below the cutoff percentage will be automatically disqualified.

Once the configuration is done, click on "Next", to proceed to configure the Invite options:

Invite Settings:

In this setting, we have the following options:                                              

  • Invite expiry - If you want the test link to expire after a set number of days, select this option and enter the number in the text box. The expiry date will be counted from the date of sending the invite.
  • Mode of invitation - There are three modes of invitation available
  • a)Invitation via Email-If you enable this option, the candidates will be receiving the invite over an Email containing the link to take the connect session. 
  • b) Invitation via SMS - If you enable this option, the candidates will be receiving the invite over a message alert on their mobile phones containing the link to take the connect session.
  • c) Invitation via WhatsApp - If you enable this option, the candidates will be receiving the invite over WhatsApp containing the link to take the connect session.
    Note - The connect session can also be taken on mobile browsers.
  • Send reminder email - Send reminders to the invited candidates and set number of days before the test expires. Enter the number in the text box provided.
  • Email Template - In this setting, you can choose the email that you wish to send to the candidate to invite. There is a standard "Connect recruit invite" template that contains all the details required to take the connect session. However, if you wish to send a different invite email, you can select a different default template from the dropdown.

Click 'Next' on top right to proceed to 'Invite Candidate section