To Begin your Connect session

  • Click on Engage on the top left and select Connect from the drop-down.

  • Click on New Connect on the Top right as shown in the image below.


  • Choose connect type as Recruit or Care.
    • Recruit : Selecting "Recruit" as the connect type is ideal when creating a connect for a specific job role, requiring mandatory input for the job title and work experience range fields. As shown in image below.
    • Care : Opting for "Care" as the connect type is suitable when creating a connect not tied to a specific job role, allowing flexibility as the job title and work experience range fields are not obligatory. This choice is ideal for more general or non-job-specific interactions.As shown in image below. 

  • Add the Connect Name - The position for which the session is conducted. For eg- Java Developer in the below session.

  • Add Job Title and the Company Name
  • We can also choose whether the job is in a remote location or Non-remote as shown in the above image.
  • Add preferred skills top 4-5 needed for a particular position in the order of priority. Please note that add skill section is option, if you do not want to test the skills of the candidate, you can skip this.

    Once the Summary is updated, Click on "Next" option:

    Add Questions and Update the Connect Template :
  • Conversation starting message- It is displayed to candidates as soon as the candidate starts the Connect session. The message can also be customized.
  • You can upload a job description that will be visible to the candidates.
  • Basic Information: To capture the candidates basic information, you can add relevant questions from the question library or author your own questions. Shuffle question orders and tailor auto-responses given to the candidate as shown in image below. 


    Click on the "Next" option, once done!
  • Skill Evaluation: Skills can be evaluated as the questions would be posted to the candidate from the question bank based on the skills preferred

  • Candidate video: The candidate here is asked to record a video introducing his/herself
    Note: You can also add new questions from the library too.

  • Candidate Availability: As shown in the image, there would be a question posted to the candidate asking for his/her availability.

  • Conversation ending message - It is displayed to candidates as soon as the session is over.Now Configure the Connect Session and invite candidates.