• Live Interviews on Glider can be used to conduct technical interviews using the coding platform along with video and chat options. 
  • Live interviews give you the ability to remotely assess the candidates’ competencies while communicating in real-time and posing interactive coding tests and real-world engineering tasks. 
  • The pair programming feature increases your ability to test the candidate’s solution approach, skills, personality and experience how a typical workday would look like. 
  • The pair programming works not just with coding tests but also with engineering simulations.

Types of Interviews

  • Coding and Video - The interviewer can add coding tasks and connect with the candidate through a voice and video call along with a chat option.
  • Video Interview – You can conduct an interview with the candidates with just video feed.
  • Coding - If the Interviewer wants to see just the candidate's code live on the paired IDE, he can choose this type of interview. Only chat option will be available in this mode.
  • You can choose a feedback template that you’d like to use to rate the candidate during interview. By Default, GLIDER Default is selected. However, you can create you own feedback rubric template and select that from the dropdown while launching the interview. 

  • To create a feedback template, click on the profile icon on the top right corner of Glider page, go to Settings Options and click on Interview Rubric by scrolling the options present on the left panel.


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