• Live Interviews on Glider can be used to conduct technical interviews using the coding platform along with video and chat options. 
  • Live interviews give you the ability to remotely assess the candidates’ competencies while communicating in real-time and posing interactive coding tests and real-world engineering tasks. 
  • The pair programming feature increases your ability to test the candidate’s solution approach, skills, personality and experience how a typical workday would look like. 
  • The pair programming works not just with coding tests but also with engineering simulations.

Types of Interviews

  • Coding and Video - The interviewer can add coding tasks and connect with the candidate through a voice and video call along with a chat option.
  • Video Interview – You can conduct an interview with the candidates with just video feed.
  • Coding - If the Interviewer wants to see just the candidate's code live on the paired IDE, he can choose this type of interview. Only chat option will be available in this mode.