Recruiters can schedule interviews on behalf of the interviewers. The candidate and the interviewer will receive notifications of the interview if the details have been specified while scheduling the interview. 

To schedule an interview:

  • Go to the Interview tab.
  • Click on Schedule.
  • In the Schedule new interview window that pops up You can Schedule manually if you have only a handful of candidates and Use the CSV option to invite candidates in bulk. 


Schedule Manually 

  • In the Schedule new interview window that pops up, Provide candidate's details on the left ,You can also upload candidates resume and picture as well as the Job description.
  • choose the Interview type, the date and time of the interview on the right.
  • Fill the interviewer details - this is optional.
  • The "Allow External Interviewer" check box enables external interviewers without Glider access to join the interview.
  • Provide interview title/name- This is optional
  • Click on Schedule Interview.


  • If you decide to skip the candidate and interviewer information while scheduling the interview, please remember to copy the interview URL and share it with the interviewer and interviewee prior to the interview.

Note: If you missed copying the interview URL while scheduling the interview, you can copy the invite URL from the Today/Upcoming tab.

Upload CSV file 

  • Go to the Upload CSV File tab in the Invite candidates page. 

  • Download the CSV template. 

  • Fill in the candidate details, interview date , start time ,end time, Internal & external interviewers details in the exact same format without making any change in the column names. You can also upload the Job description link here. 

  • Save the file as a CSV. 

  • Drag and drop the CSV file containing the candidate information in the space provided. 

  • The application will parse all the candidates' details and list them . 

  • Select the candidates you wish to send invites to and click on Invite selected.