The candidate reports can be shared with team members without any hassle by just copying the Report URL.


  •  In the candidate report page, click on Share Report/Invite reviewer.
  • You can choose to share the report with the Hiring Manager/Reviewer or with the Candidates by choosing the corresponding option.

1.    Include message with invite URL:

2.    Click on the  icon to copy the Report URL on to the clipboard.

  • This URL can now be shared with your team - team members need not log into Glider to view this report, but the personal details and monitoring video of the candidate will be masked for confidentiality purpose.
  • If the team member has to enter the feedback and grade the candidate’s performance, then you will have to invite the team member to view the report.

3.    Enter the reviewer’s name in the search bar.

  • Select reviewers from the suggestion.
  • Click on Send Invite to send them an email to review the candidate’s work.

Note: To view this report the reviewers have to log in to their Glider account.