On completion of the test, the candidate will receive a confirmation email. The users configured to receive the email on candidates’ submission will receive the submission email which will have the link to view the candidate’s test report. The report can be viewed on Glider as well.

If the assessment is auto-evaluated, then the completed test report will be available in the Evaluated tab but if the assessment needs manual evaluation, it will be in the Submitted tab.

  • Go to the Evaluated or Submitted tab of the assessment.
  • Click on View Response to see the candidate report.

 The report shows:

  • The Score of the candidate, below which a percentile score is also mentioned indicating how the candidate has performed in comparison with the other candidates who took the same test.
  • Total Time spent by the candidate on the assessment along with a percentile score in terms of time is specified.

  • All the questions which need manual evaluation are under Awaiting Grading on the Questions tab.
  • The questions can be graded by entering the value against the allocated score. On the top right corner of every question, Score option is available.
  • Enter the score in the text box and click outside to see the score successfully saved notification

  • Coding questions - The code written by the candidate can be played back to see each keystroke.  The summary shows the number of test cases the code has passed, details of the test cases can be viewed in the test cases tab.

  • Click on the Play button to see the code playback.