Once the candidate's phone screening session is completed, you can check the candidate's reports by clicking on the "PAST" as shown below:


  • You can see the candidate's name, email id, when the session was conducted, the recruiter who has taken the phone screen session and the score of the candidate.
  • You can also search any candidate using the search filter on the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on "View report" to see the candidate's final report.

  • You can see the Skill report under the "Summary" tab.
  • Likewise, you can see all the questions asked to the candidate under the "Questions" tab.
  • If the resume is uploaded, you can see the candidate's resume under the "Resume" tab. You also have the option to upload the resume later, after the session is completed.
  • You can also find the rating given by the recruiter on different traits along with the feedback.
  • On the mid-right end of the screen, you can see the "Share URL", which can be shared with the hiring managers, irrespective of them having glider access or not. They will be able to see all the above details of the candidate.