To Begin creating custom phone screen.

  • Click on "Create phone screen".

    Phone Screen Summary:


  • Add the Phone Screen name.
  • Choose the screen builder:
    You can choose to use the create a custom phone screening session by authoring your own questions or use the Glider library question delivery
  • Choose the "Job Title, upload URL and work experience" of the same optionally.
  • Sharing options - The session can be kept private so as no one can tamper with the configuration. It can also be shared with the whole organization or with specific team members.
  • You can add the "Tags" to tag an assessment to search and filter them better. Tag the same with job roles, difficulty levels or skills so that they come up when searched in the library by you or your team members. Tags can be words or phrases.
  • You can also add a Description with any other information you think is relevant. 
    Note: Tags and descriptions are for the organization's internal use only, it will not be visible to the candidates. 


 Click on Next and add questions to the custom phonescreen then click on 'Next (Save & Proceed)