For a coding question in the assessment, you will be presented with the coding area to enter your response. Note that your code will be auto-saved at set intervals. The components of the coding editor are described below.

1. Flag question

Check the flag to review a particular question before the final submission. You can later jump to any question to review them.

2. Language select

Using the dropdown, you can change the coding language, as and if configured by the employer.

3. Help for the language selected

This document briefly explains how the engine reads input and output formats, it also includes other information that helps in coding on the IDE provided.

4. Assessment timer

The timer counts back till the end of the allotted time. If the timer runs out of time while you are still attempting it, the assessment will be automatically closed and your response will be auto-saved.

5. Question navigation

Use < Prev/ Next/ Proceed  > buttons to navigate between questions.

6. Editor settings

The editor setting allows you to choose the theme, font, brightness, and much more to code at your comfort.

7. Run all tests

Clicking on this button will compile your code against all the test cases added by the employer. Note that few test cases will be open and others hidden.

8. Run code

Clicking on ‘Run’ compiles your code against the open test cases.

9. Test with custom input

Check this box to add custom input to test your code.

10. Output

The test case summary is made available to you in this section.

11. Assessment question

The left column on the screen is where the coding question is displayed.

12. Video recording

If your prospective employer has chosen to proctor the assessment, your video will be recorded while you take the assessment and will be reviewed by your employer on the assessment completion.