You can invite candidates to take a test by sharing a URL.  For example, if you are hiring at a campus, a URL can be shared with several candidates.

1. Public invite URL

Any candidate with this link can access the test by entering the Email id and other details configured in the Capture candidate details. Copy and paste this link onto an email, chat, job descriptions, or job portals inviting candidates to take the challenge to evaluate their skills and competency in the pre-screening stage. Review qualified relevant candidates’ applications.

  • Go to the Settings   of a reviewed and published assessment. 
  • Go to the Invite Options tab.
  • The third option on this page is Public Invite URL.
  • Click on the  icon to copy the link.

2. Private invite URL 

While anybody with the public test link can access the test, private test links would require an additional password to gain access to the test. Private test links can be used when you are certain about who will accessing the test and be able to share the password with the test takers. To create a Private invite URL:

  • Go to the Settings
    of a reviewed and published assessment 
  • Click on the Invite Options tab
  • Scroll down to see the Private Invite URL, enter the password in the text box, and click on Set Password
  • The greyed out URL will be activated once the password is set, click on to copy the link

  • After the link is activated - pass on the link along with the password to the test takers. Once all of them have started the test, click on Reset Password to so that nobody else can access the test with the old password to avoid any unauthorized access.

Capture Candidate Details

When you are sharing public or private invites with candidates, you can capture candidate information before the test starts. 

  • Go to the Settings   of a reviewed and published assessment.
  • Click on the Invite Options tab.
  • Scroll down to see the Capture Candidate Details option.
  • Select the information you want the candidates to fill in when they start the test by checking the box.
  • By default, Full Name and Email id will be selected.

  • Click on Save Changes.