To Begin your Screen Bot session

  • Click on Screen on the top left and select Screenbot from the drop-down.

  • Click on New Screenbot on the Top right as shown in the image below.


  • Add the ScreenBot Name - The position for which the session is conducted. For eg- Java Developer in the below session.
  • Add preferred top 4-5 top skills needed for a particular position in the order of priority.

  • Add Job Title and the Company Name (Mandatory fields)
  • We can also choose whether the job is in a remote location or Non-remote as shown in the above image.

    Once the Summary is updated, Click on "Next" option:

    Add Questions and Update the Screenbot Template :

  • Conversation starting message- It is displayed to candidates as soon as the candidate starts the ScreenBot Session. The message can also be customized.
  • Basic Information: To capture the candidates basic information, you can add relevant questions from the question library.
    Click on the "Next" option, once done!

  • Skill Evaluation: Skills can be evaluated as the questions would be posted to the candidate from the question bank based on the skills preferred

  • Candidate Availability: As shown in the image, there would be a question posted to the candidate asking for his/her availability. 

  • Candidate video: The candidate here is asked to record a video introducing his/herself
    Note: You can also add new questions from the library too.

  • Conversation ending message - It is displayed to candidates as soon as the session is over.Now Configure the Screen Bot Session and invite candidates.