Often a common email template will work for inviting candidates across multiple departments in an organization. However, if the assessment you created has special instructions for your candidates then you need to create an email template tailored to your assessment. To create an email template: 

  • Click on Profile icon in the top right corner and select  Email Templates from the options.
  • In the Email templates page, Click on Add Template to start creating templates

  • In the Template Visibility options - select Company if you want to allow your team members to use the template you create or select Private if it should be visible only to you.
  • Type of template - Choose from the 15 types of templates available. 

  • Fill in the Name of the template, key in the Email Subject and Email content using Placeholders to customize the content as per your choice
  • Placeholders will dynamically change the assessment name, assessment link, date, etc., based on the assessment for which the candidate is being invited
    Note: It is important to add the Assessment link in every email template
  • Click on Publish Template once done. The Email template is now saved and can be used while sending email invites to candidates.
  • The email template will now appear in the drop-down when you invite candidates. Choose the right template and click on Send Invite.