Create the list of questions you wish to ask candidates before the interview starts so that you are all set, ask the right questions and also avoid the hassle of scouting for questions when the interview is on. Creating this task list will also help other Interviewers in your team or the organization and also makes the evaluation consistent.

To create your task list:

  • Click on Manage Tasks button on the Interview dashboard.

  • Click on 'Add New' on top.
  • Provide Name of the Template , Set the sharing options and choose a feedback Rubric.

  • To add questions to the task list,The questions can be searched from Glider's repository by keywords.
  • The question of your choice can be added to the task list by clicking on the Add button.
  • You can also choose to create your own Coding or Open response questions and add them to the task list. 
  • Once you have sufficient questions added, click on Save as template to save the list.
  • This list will now be available in the Saved list from which you can choose questions to ask candidates.


Choosing questions from the list

Once you are connected with the candidate on the Interview, if you want to choose a question from a task list:

  • Click on Manage Tasks.
  • Select the task list 'From Template' 
  • All the questions in the task list will be listed.

  • Click on Add button to add the question to the candidate‚Äôs tasks.
  • Click on Share with candidate so that the candidate starts seeing the question in the Task tab.