1. Candidate Proctoring Checks

After the candidate has completed the system setup and successfully joined the interview, the system will proceed to complete the Candidate Genuineness Verification. 


  • The system will cross-check the candidate’s current picture with a previous picture captured while attempting any Glider assessments.  
  • If a match is found, you will be presented with the following window that will show the facial match results of the current picture and previous picture along with a list of the candidate’s past attempts. If it is the candidate’s first attempt, the picture will be saved in the Interview report. 
  • Click on Confirm if satisfied with the result or click on Click here and add appropriate comments.

  • Once confirmed, you can proceed to Audio Verification for the candidate. This is used to identify if there is any proxy user speaking on behalf of the candidate. You’ll see the below pop-up to trigger the Audio Verification.  

  • Click on Yes, Trigger to initiate the Audio Verification, and the below message will be displayed on your screen while the candidate will have to complete a few steps on their end to complete the verification process.

  • Below pop-ups will be displayed on the candidate’s screen.  
  • The candidate will be prompted to scan a QR code and record a text shown on the screen. This audio file will be saved and processed by the system.

  • During the interview, random audio samples of the candidate will be recorded and crosschecked with the audio saved during the verification.  
  • Based on the result, you will be presented with the below screen. You can click on Confirm to proceed or click on Click Here to override the auto-check done by the system.



  • During the interview session, you will be notified if the candidate is using an external monitor or a dual screen and can verify any suspicious activity.
  • You will have the option to close or ignore the prompt. In the case of the latter, you will receive a prompt asking if you want the detection of dual monitors to be disabled.

  • The monitoring report will include this as suspicious activity and you can mark it as genuine or suspicious as per your review. 

2. Interview Monitoring Report: 

A monitoring report is generated based on the proctoring checks done during the interview.
  • Click on View Report in the Interview dashboard.

  • Click on Monitoring Report and the relevant report consisting of verified genuine and suspicious activities will be displayed.  
  • The monitoring summary will display a summary of all the proctoring checks done during the interview session such as Dual Screen Usage, Audio Verification, and Facial Match for the respective candidate.  
  • If a resume was uploaded by the candidate during joining the interview, it will be present in the report as well.

  • As you scroll down, you will be able to see each activity elaborated with the relevant details. 
  • Candidate face match comparison will show the comparison results of the candidate’s current picture with any previous attempts.  
  • Based on your review, you can also update the comparison status to suspicious or genuine, if required. 
  • You can also upload a separate photo from the available dropdown after the interview report is generated.

  • Under Proctoring Activity, you can see a list of all the suspicious activities recorded during the interview session. 
  • The Audio Genuineness Verification will display the results saved during the interview. However, they can be reverted based on your review of the monitoring report. 
  • If the candidate had opened any other browser tabs during the session, you can see a list of all those URLs by clicking on Browser tab tracking. 
  • The Interview video recording will also be available for your reference along with the list of suspicious activities.