Once the candidate has completed the One-Way Video Interview, you can view the candidate's report by clicking on the Submitted or Evaluated tab. 


You will be redirected to the below screen accordingly:

  • You can see the details of all the candidate who has completed the One-Way Video Interviews, along with other details like their contact information, when the interview was completed, time taken to complete the interview, the recruiter who has invited the candidate, score and option to directly shortlist or disqualify. 
  • To download the data of all the candidates associated with the One-Way Video Interview in an excel sheet, you select the appropriate duration and can click on Download from the top right corner of the screen. 

Click on View Report to see the final report of the candidate.

  • You can see the candidate details and a link to share with other reviewers on the top left of the screen 
  • A final score saved after your review and the total time taken by the candidate to complete the video interview are displayed in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Questions:  
    • You can see the Question details by clicking on the Question button and can review the video response submitted by the candidate by clicking the Candidate Response button for each question in the interview. 
    • You can rate the candidate on the available traits based on the candidate’s performance. Once submitted, a score is automatically saved for the respective question. 
    • For AI-gradable questions, you'll receive AI-generated ratings that can be updated if required.
  • Feedback: After you’ve reviewed all the questions, you can provide your overall ratings and recommendation to hire under the Feedback tab. 
  • Resume: If you have uploaded the resume of the candidate, you can find it under the "Resume" tab. It can also be uploaded at a later stage after the interview is completed.