The One-Way Video Interview Configuration allows you to set the test duration, shuffle questions, enable randomization of questions, add clear and custom instructions to the candidates, and make the interview available on mobile as per the candidates’ flexibility. 


1. Available on mobile: 

One-Way Video Interviews can be taken on mobile by installing the Glider Screen app available on the Play Store and the App Store. Turn the toggle button on if you want the candidates to take the interview on mobile. 


2. Shuffle questions:

If you want the question delivery order to be shuffled then turn this on. 


3.Automatic AI grading & Video response transcription: Automatic Grading leverages AI to automatically evaluate and score responses. Video-to-Text Transcription is a tool that converts spoken content in videos into written text. 

4. Auto pick questions from the bank: 

Set up a bank of questions and turn on random delivery - Glider auto-picks questions from the bank and delivers them to the candidates. 


  • You can choose to deliver all the questions from the pool by selecting the first option 
  • Deliver a specific number of questions from the pool by choosing the second option, enter the number of questions that have to be delivered in the text box 
  • If the Video Interview has questions from different groups or categories and you want to randomly deliver a specific number of questions from each group then select the third option. Enter the Group Name, Question Numbers that belong to that group, and the number of questions that have to be delivered from that group 
  • You can add more groups by clicking on Add New Group 

5. Cutoff Score: 

Set a cut-off score to auto-disqualify candidates who score below the cut-off score. 


  • Enter the score in the text box provided, candidates scoring below the set score will be automatically disqualified.


6. Candidate Instructions: 

General instructions that are given to the candidates before the video interview starts can be filled in here.  

Glider has a pre-filled list of instructions for the candidates. However, you can choose to add or remove from this list in the editor and create your own set of instructions. 



The candidate has to agree to the disclaimer that it would not involve in any malpractice while taking up the One-Way Video Interview. This is also customizable.



8End of the video interview message: 

This space is configurable, you can add messages which you want to convey to the candidates after they have completed the One-Way Video Interview. 


9. Company Message: 

You can add images/ videos to be displayed to the candidate before the One-Way Video Interview. The admin can configure it by adding images in profile settings. 


10Send notifications to: 

Once you invite a candidate, the candidate can communicate with the recruiter by replying back to the invite email, or request an extension using the link given in the invite email.  

The recruiter who is inviting the candidate can choose to receive a notification whenever there is an update from the candidate. Also, it can be shared with specific team members, and can also choose not to receive any notification. 

Make sure to Save Changes once the necessary settings are done. 

Once you have saved your changes, Glider lets you configure how candidates can be invited to take a One-Way Video Interview.