A comprehensive proctoring report is available to minimize the risk of cheating and to ensure the integrity of the test results. Every candidate action is captured through a screen and video recording. With this report, you can identify if a candidate switched tabs on the browser perhaps to search Google for an answer, copy-paste text from a different source, chatted with a friend to get help, or just paused for an inordinate amount of time. This activity report and video can then be reviewed by the team to ensure that there was no cheating.

  • Go to the Monitoring report tab in the candidate report.

  • Play the Video to watch the camera and screen recording.
  • You can see the overall Cheating Probability report for individual coding questions.

  • We also give you a code similarity report which says if the candidate‚Äôs code is similar to any other candidate's code in the test and also the possible sources of plagiarism, however, we recommend reviewing the code to decide if the candidate has actually cheated as these are just warnings of possible cheating.