Glider’s Library contains a collection of Questions supporting 150+tech skills. The library has questions on various technical and non-technical skills. To create the assessment by using automatic mode, follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Click on Assessments on the top left or select New assessment from the drop-down.

  • Add the job title, skills necessary for the role, and the years of experience you are looking for in the candidate

  • The platform suggests few skills depending upon the job role
  • Click on Next, You will be able to see all the questions suggested by Glider’s Repository.
  • You cannot delete the number of questions in the Assessment. However, you can adjust the duration of assessment based on which number of questions will also increase/decrease .
  • You can also review the questions and change questions by clicking on Change on the right corner of each question.

  • Click on publish and the Assessment is created
  • Configure the Assessment and start inviting the candidates