1. Which browser should I use for the best experience?

For the best experience, you should use the latest stable versions of Chrome or Firefox.

2. Can I check my system’s compatibility before I start the assessment?

Yes, this link should help you check your system’s compatibility - check system's compatibility

3. Can I attempt a sample assessment before I start the assessment?

Yes, you can attempt the sample assessment here - https://hire.glider.ai/sample-test

4. I lost internet connectivity in the middle of my test. What do I do now?

All your responses will be auto-saved on Glider, do not worry if you are disconnected while taking the assessment. You can pick and continue the assessment right from where you left by accessing the assessment link again. 

However, please note that the timer does not stop ticking while you are offline and the assessment time will end as per schedule. Inform your recruiter about the issue you faced and request an extension. The recruiter can allocate additional time or allow you to reattempt the assessment.

If you are facing any technical difficulties, please contact us through Chat available on the assessment platform or send us an email at contact@glider.ai

5. I am having difficulties with giving camera and screen share access. What should I check?

These Help articles on giving access should help you.

6. The question does not load properly and I cannot see all the images and/or widgets on the question page.

In case internal pages fail to load or are not loading correctly due to a network issue, you can refresh the browser tab to fix such issues.

7. After I have submitted an answer to a question can I come back and change my submission?

Yes, you can navigate to the Review Answers screen and modify the submitted answers before the final submission. Please note that some assessments can be timed and once a section’s time limit is reached, you will not be able to review answers. There is no limit on the number of times you can view/edit before the final submission of your assessment.

8. What will happen if I refresh my browser while attempting the assessment?

If you happen to refresh the browser while attempting a coding question, your changes will be lost. Avoid refreshing the browser while attempting the coding question. All your previous responses will be saved though.

9. The loading of the assessment is taking a long time. What should I do?

The initial loading of assessment can take time as it is highly dependent on your network speed. It might take around 10 seconds to load an assessment in case you are attempting on a slow network. If the assessment does not load even after waiting for a while, send a chat message to the Glider live support team, and they will help you immediately.

10. Can I attempt the assessments on the phone?

You will have to install Glider’s native app on Android or iOS before you attempt the assessment on your phone. However, the assessment author should have enabled to allow access on the phone, and only then will you be able to attempt the assessment on the phone. To check if you can take the assessment on the phone, click on the “Start Assessment” link in your email from your phone and you will be prompted to install the app if the assessment is configured for mobile phone access.

11. How can I re-attempt the assessment?

The recruiter can choose to allow you to reattempt an assessment based on your request. Please contact the recruiter who invited you to request a reattempt.

12. When will I get the assessment results?

Glider enables organizations to conduct assessments on the platform but does not have the rights to share the assessment results. The assessment results are shared by the organization which is conducting the assessment.