Manage your team members

All you need to know about managing your team on Glider.

Adding Team Members
Ensure you are the admin to access the team members’ page. You can invite your hiring team to join Glider here. Click on Team Member in the menu icon. ...
Thu, 31 Mar, 2022 at 4:53 PM
Role-based access on Glider
The roles and the permissions are summarized in the table below: Note: Only HR Managers and Internal Recruiter can be assigned Admin roles.   ...
Thu, 25 Nov, 2021 at 3:40 PM
Change team member roles and permissions
You can change the roles or permissions of your team members.   On the Team Member page, click on the Edit button to edit the user profile.         ...
Fri, 13 Oct, 2023 at 12:00 AM
Deactivate an account
On the team members page, click on the Edit button to edit the user profile. The team member will receive an email on the account deactivation ...
Thu, 16 Feb, 2023 at 1:02 PM